Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Allergy Medicine Induced Ramble

Today I’m on pseudophedrine. Not the wimpy phenylephrine stuff that comes in Sudafed these days, but the full-on, you can make Meth out of me, pseudophedrine. This stuff is supposed to make you wired, unlike Claritin which makes me wired anyway. Why have I opted for the distracting rush of a near illegal decongestant?

Because the phenlephrine I took this morning did a sum total of nothing for my clogged ears. Whereas the pseudophedrine cleared them up exactly 12 minutes after I took it. 12 minutes! Which leads me to my next logical point:

I had to eat dinner at Piraat last night instead of the Theater Too Café. The Theater Too Café is downstairs and up the block from the theater where I spend a lot of my time either in shows or in rehearsals for said shows. A year or so ago, I went there and got a chicken wrap with humus and a little hot sauce. I immediately dubbed this the “Chicken Sandwich of God”. The name pretty much sums up my feelings on the sandwich.

Having not had one in a while, I salivated the long walk form the Embarcadero BART stop whereat I had left my sweetie to the Theater Too Café wherein I had planned to partake in the said religious experience that commoners call a wrap, but it was closed! Instead I wandered up the street to Piraat for pizza only to order rotisserie chicken, vegetables and rice. Good. Edible, but the heavens did not open up and shine a beam of light on my taste buds.

I need to go buy more pseudophed.

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