Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Phone

I got this new phone last Sunday. It’s a Samsung slider phone. When I first talked to the woman at the store she said “oh, you have a Motorola. You should probably get another Motorola then. They’re the most user-friendly.”

I thought, can there really be that big of a difference? Besides, all the Samsung phones were “free” while the Motorola’s would have cost me money. So, after taking into consideration my own tastes, and the opinions of my girlfriend, I got a Katalyst. “Free” turned out to cost me $80, about $50 of which I will get back in rebate form, but still not too bad. They switched my SIM card around and I was off and running with my brand new phone!

I so miss my Motorola. It’s not just that the menus are different. It’s that the menus are retarded, and I can’t customize the buttons to go directly to the functions I use the most. The “predictive” text message feature isn’t actually predictive at all, and the dictionary didn’t recognize the word “good”. “Good!” Let me say that again: the dictionary didn’t recognize the word “good.” That is not a sign of a good phone.

None of the ring-tone options sound anything remotely like a phone ringing either. Call me a traditionalist, but I like my phone to ring, not play some company branded chime. No matter which of the 4 text message alerts I choose, I never seem to hear them, except last night. At 3:30am I get a text message. A spam text message. WTF??

I must admit the slider is taking some getting used to as well. I keep feeling like the phone’s going to slide closed while I’m talking on it. The camera is nice though. Everything I find online says the Motorola’s have terrible camera’s. And yet, I think… That’s why I have a digital camera.

I’m thinking of taking it back and getting a Motorola. If only I could afford an iPhone.

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