Friday, March 28, 2008

The real dream ticket: Gore/Obama?

It’s come up a few times with my friends, jokingly, especially earlier in the campaign, the idea that if neither Clinton nor Obama has the nomination sown up heading into the convention that the delegates could choose to nominate someone else. Gore even.

Ha ha. It always sounded silly. Impossible. Some far fetched idea that you, well, joke about.

But as the primary process grinds itself out with little hope of either Clinton or Obama locking up the nomination, with polls showing how divided the party has become, showing how close to a third of Clinton supporters would vote for McCain over Obama, suddenly the silly far fetched idea is getting some face time.

Perhaps it’s still far fetched, but Joe Klein at Time Magazine has not only written about it but gotten interesting reactions to it from highly ranked democrats. The more fractured the party gets heading into August, the more possible the idea becomes.

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