Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"A Day at the Beach" Classic Post

I wrote this really nice blog last night about French Martini's, probably the best blog I've ever written. Certain the best blog you would ever read. It would BLOW YOUR MIND. Just as I went to post it, I lost my internet connection and now its trapped on my laptop. Trapped like a Pharaoh's servant in a giant pyramid. Once I make an appropriate offer to Rah to free it, I'll post it. In the meantime, here's a classic post from my old Tribe.net blog:

A Day at the Beach
August 31, 2006

Spending a few hours at Ocean Beach can be an interesting experience, especially on a day when the weather keeps hovering on the edge of hot and cold. After a while, as I sat there reading my book and looking around, I felt like I got to know the random assortment of people there even without speaking to them.

I got sad when the woman in the heavy parka who’d been writing in her journal got up and left. I smiled at the lesbian couple, the femme sunning herself in her lime green bikini, the butch completely covered and androgynous. There’s the punk couple in their layers of ripped clothing with a backpack the size of a Honda sharing a 40 and a smoke. Crazy half-naked girl in a bikini takes a break from learning lines for a play to stand on her head while a few yards away skinny woman in her pink string bikini takes her sweater on and off as the sun passes behind clouds.

Oh, look, crazy half-naked girl is frolicking in the surf, literally. She’s spinning around, doing cartwheels, splashing in the waves, running around; seriously if you ever needed a visual example of “frolicking in the surf” this was exactly it. My god, woman, are you insane? Do you have any idea how cold that water is? Just from looking at you I can tell you must.

Skinny woman in a bikini slyly takes out her digital camera and takes pictures of crazy half-naked girl frolicking. I wonder what she plans to do with them? I see. After crazy woman comes out of the water and somehow manages to change out of her wet sandy bikini into her jeans and t-shirt without flashing the world any of her private parts, you go up to her and show her the pictures. Somehow I doubt if I did that it would have worked as a come on. (Get away from me you crazy perverted voyeur!) But you, you skinny woman in a pink bikini, manage to get digits. And judging from the electricity between you, I expect you’ll get more than digits. Go you.

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