Thursday, April 24, 2008

Listening to CSI Through Water

I’m home for the first night in a very long time trying to watch CSI. I say trying because for some reason my network channels often don’t come in very well. My cable comes free with my apartment and is essentially spliced from my landlords who live upstairs. The picture isn’t so bad, but it sounds like the dialogue is passing through box full of needles scraping along slate with some psychedelic Peter Frampton effects thrown in.

I’ve been very busy lately, which you may have noticed by the stream-of-consciousness nature of these posts. I expect once my show opens I’ll have more time to write more carefully constructed pieces of fine blogature. As busy as I am, my girlfriend is busier getting ready to open her own show. Only hers is scripted and requires more rehearsal. Fortunately or unfortunately for her she’s stage managing not performing.

I’ve often wondered about this. About how having improv rehearsal 3 nights in a row feels so much more taxing than play rehearsal 5 nights in a row. The only answer I’ve landed on is that in improv rehearsal you’re expending so much more energy creating than in a scripted piece. Maybe that’s a load of BS but it feels right.

Wow, there was just a Facebook reference on CSI. Or at least I think there was. Is it the reception or has my hearing just gone all wonky?

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