Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I cut myself this morning doing the dishes. It wasn't especially deep, but it bled a lot and hurt like a I'd cut my finger or something. I made it through the day from band aids in the first aid kit at my office. One perk of working for a company that owns a company that makes office first aid kits is that we have really nice first aid kits. I think you could perform surgery with the stuff in there.

But my last office band aid came off at rehearsal tonight and I could see blood start to seep through the edges. As soon as we ended I ran to the Walgreens. I didn't have much time as my ride needed to get home. Or rather, one of the other people hitching a ride with my ride needed to get home quickly to relief her babysitter and be reunited with her child.

So I run into the Walgreens and the line is literally halfway to the back of the store. Shit, but I rush through the aisles looking for the band aide section anyway. I wanted to see if they had any liquid bandages. I've never used liquid bandages, but I'm a big fan of using superglue on cuts. I wanted to see what the difference was.

As I'm rushing about the store I discover another little cash register on the side with a shorter line. A ha! I find the band aids. Grab the first liquid bandage I see and rush off to the shorter line.

The shorter line still moves achingly slowly, but I make it out of the store in time to catch my ride. Back home, my friend successfully reunited with her child, I apply the liquid bandage.

Jesus god it stings like I just put acetone in my cut, which I effectively did. The package says it has an anesthetic in it, but it feels more like it actively induces pain. This does wear off and I now have a nice coating over my cut. I'm not sure about it though. I kinda wish I'd just gotten some superglue.


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