Monday, May 5, 2008

Maker Faire!

I went to Maker Faire on Sunday.

It’s really hard to describe exactly what Maker Faire is, but it’s fantastic. Imagine a giant craft fair. I know, it doesn’t sound that interesting yet. Now think of coolest thing you can possibly imagine and combine it with that craft faire. I know, hard to believe. Throw in outdoor festival food booths and anything and everything you could possibly make yourself including gigantic rebar sculptures, wooden bicycles, homebuilt RV’s, and…

A giant robotic giraffe:

A Diet Coke and Mentos Fountian! (If you didn't know, adding a Mentos to a Diet Coke has explosive results.)

I did not see the Mentos fountain live as I was to too busy watching:

Ok, that footage was actually from last year’s Maker Faire (which I also attended) and it lacks the entertaining play-by-play commentary from the announcer, but all the video of this year’s is hard to see.

You might look at the crowds in the giraffe video and think “that’s not many people,” but that was last year. This year they pre-sold more tickets than the entire attendance last year. There was a mile long backup getting off the freeway. It was packed!

And so worth it! If you happen to live in Austin, go to Maker Faire Austin this fall. You'll probably get to see my favorite thing from Maker Faire: The life sized Mousetrap!

And I didn't even mention all the really cool stuff to buy.

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