Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When Hilary Lost

Hilary Clinton’s made so many mistakes that cost her the presidency. The biggest, in my opinion, was not running 4 years ago. She could’ve beat Bush. Heck, Kerry almost beat Bush and he was never someone to get excited about. He was just someone to vote for instead of Bush.

She got greedy. She thought “why run against an incumbent while I’m a junior senator? Why not wait, let Bush screw the country up even more, and then run as a more experienced senator. It’s my turn. No one can beat me.”

Except that 4 years later people want change, not experience. Putting a black man in the White House is inherently change whether he affects any change or not. His existence is change. Putting a woman in the White House would have the same effect, if her last name weren’t “Clinton”.

Now she’s blaming her failure on sexism. I don’t think that’s why she’s lost. It’s ridiculous to suggest that a black man with the name “Barak Obama,” the son of a Muslim, had an advantage over an older, more experienced, white Clinton simply because she was a woman. She could have easily won this nomination had she played it differently.

I’m sure she encountered sexism, and hopefully this will raise awareness of sexism in this country, but has she really experienced more sexism than he’s experienced racism? Is she really claiming that on the same day she wins Kentucky with nearly 70% of the white vote? That’s the implication, and it’s almost as offensive as someone yelling “iron my shirt” at her during a rally.

Face it, Hilary, you lost this election four years ago when the country needed you and you sat on your hands and looked the other way.

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