Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday Preview - Save the Date

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Tara and I will be having a Mini-Golf tournament on June 14 to celebrate our birthdays (hers being the 14th and mine the 15th). Click here to email me to get in on the evite. Come and get destroyed by my superior mini-golf skills. (Trash talking encouraged.)

It's going to be at a course in Marin and start around 11:30 am (carpooling available). It is golf after all. You're lucky we're not starting at 8am.

We'll probably go out for pizza nearby afterwards. Yummy!

That night I will be playing poker at Full Houses, Impact Theatre's annual fund raiser, where I will eat free pizza for dinner. (Apparently June 14 is Pizza Day, Flag Day, and Tara's Birthday.)  Come play with me! It's a fun time for a good cause and you could win a Wii or other fabulous prizes. I suck at poker, so it'll be your opportunity to get revenge on me after I annihilate you at mini-golf.

Full Houses: A Poker Tournament to Benefit Impact Theatre

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