Monday, June 23, 2008

The Brazilian Meat Torture

We had a department lunch at Espetus on Friday to celebrate all the new employees who’ve come on board in the last few months, myself included.

Oh my.

They have a buffet area filled with 17 (I think the waiter said 17) salads plus rice and beans and such. You serve yourself there and then sit down at your table. On you table is a little rotating chip that either shows red or green. If you turn it to green, they start bringing you meat. Meat after meat.

It’s all on skewers and they cut off pieces for you if you want some. They came by with at least three different types of sirloin, a couple porks, chicken, chicken hearts, sausages… It just keeps coming, but my was it good. I have no idea how much the whole thing costs, but it was well worth it. If my brother-in-law ever comes to visit, I will have to take him there. He loves meat.

We once had Christmas dinner at his and my sister’s house. His mother brought up restaurant grade prime rib from St. Louis. She works or worked or something at a restaurant down there. She’s a little Japanese woman and boy howdy can she cook. I find it highly amusing that the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had was made by my sister’s Japanese mother-in-law.

Anyway, that Christmas she brought up prime rib that tasted as fine as anything I’ve ever tasted, but she brought way too much of it. We kept eating and eating and joking and soon the concept of “All You Can Eat Prime Rib” became known in our family as the Chicago Meat Torture. (Why “Chicago” and not “St. Louis” where the meat originated, I don’t know.)

I have now discovered the Brazilian Meat Torture. Oh, so good though.

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