Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cache Creek

I went to my nearest Indian casino this weekend, Cache Creek, and it did not look like a Filipino fish market as I had been lead to believe by someone who shall remain linked to. Ok, maybe it did look like one down at the baccarat tables, but everywhere else was quite diverse. I expected to be the only gweilo there, but I wasn’t by a long shot. Although I don’t know if Filipinos use the term “gweilo”. It’s Cantonese for “ghost man”, which is what they call white people. Of course, Chinese people are now considered black in South Africa, but they actually sued the government to be recognized as black. Does that mean Barak Obama would be half Chinese if he lived in South Africa? I guess that would make him a communist then, just like Elian Gonzalez. Wait, do I owe the Associated Press money now? I hope not, because I didn’t do so well at Cache Creek.

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  1. If you refute my claims, then you are now refuting the claims of a brother.


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