Saturday, June 7, 2008

Small World 4 - Nice Ass

I’m on break, and I run out to go to the GNC to maybe buy some vitamins. I don’t really believe in vitamin supplements (studies disagree on whether or not they provide any health benefit), but lately I’ve been taking them in sort of a Pascal’s Wager sort of way. I get to the GNC and the only multivitamin for men that they have is called MegaMen. I read the label. I’m sorry I don’t need 3333% of my USRDA of anything. That shit’ll blow out your kidneys.

I move on. I have enough time to run to the ATM and deposit a couple checks. I’m looking forward to using the new BofA ATM’s that scan in your checks and look like brothels. As I’m walking, I see a woman standing with her back to me smoking with a couple guys.

Yes, I am in a happy loving relationship, but I can still appreciate the silhouette of an attractive woman. Perhaps the momentary flutter of a thought was more crudely worded in my head, but that is why these thoughts remain silent.

When I get to the corner to cross the street I look over, and the woman in question was my friend Gwen!

So I go back over to her and say “hi” and “I just walked by you and thought ‘she has a nice ass’ and then got to the corner and looked back and it was you!” because if there’s anyone I know I can say that to who will not think it strange and appreciate it as funny, it’s Gwen.

She laughed.

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