Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baseball Shorts and Links

I did it! I posted to my other blog today.


Went to several of the Cubs/Giants games this week. Thanks to Diana, I got to sit in the Arcade section Monday on top of the right field wall. I highly recommend it. It’s a unique view of the game and the seats are bleachers with backs, so they’re comfortable and good for snuggling your sweetie. Not as windy as the other bleacher sections, but still chillier then the View section where we sat last night.


While nothing beats Wrigley for an overall game experience, the view from the View section is spectacular, and you’re almost completely blocked from the wind.


Best comment about my hand, from a Cubs fan last night: “Next time don’t high-five so hard!”


The Giants had laptops set up in those little portable, plastic, voting dividers you see at polling places where people could vote for the All-Star Game. They even gave out red, white, and blue “I voted” stickers. Genius.


Here’s a random collection of news stories I wanted to link to:

Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity: Guess what? He’s a politician.
When Marichal and Spahn Dueled for a Game and a Half: 16 innings: 1 pitcher per team.
The Case That Led to an Uneasy Shift in the Balance of Government Powers
Cave Men Loved to Sing

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