Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Cub

Andre Dawson “The Hawk”.

When he became a free agent after the 1986 season, Dawson really wanted to play for the Cubs. He hit far better during the day and he wanted to get off the artificial surface he’s played on for so many years in Montreal, hoping the natural grass at Wrigley would prolong his career.

The Cubs didn’t really want him. They didn’t think one player could turn a last place team into a contender and didn’t want to spend the money to sign Dawson an MVP runner-up twice in Montreal.

Dawson, determined to be a Cub, showed up at training camp anyway and presented the Cubs with a signed blank contract. The Cubs paid him a modest $500,000 plus $250,000 in incentives.

Dawson hit 49 home runs that year, threw a runner out at first base from the outfield, started in the All-Star Game, and was the NL MVP, first MVP ever to play for a last place team. You see, the Cubs were right, one player couldn’t turn the team around.

Andre Dawson on Wikipedia

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  1. I always liked the Hawk. Too bad we never got him to the World Series.


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