Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I blogged about last night’s rehearsal on my improv blog.


I’m not crazy. Webster did leave Alice and is now on KFOG. I thought he sounded familiar in a “reminiscent of when I used to listed to Alice” way.


Of course now I listen mostly to WXRT streamed over the interwebs.


For all you NPR fans out there: Build your own This American Life. (I really must start reading more blogs so I can steal things from people other than just Prince.)


  1. So then, when Webster used to do his 3 song thing in the afternoons, I had all of my cds stolen, so I wrote him with my three songs, and my pity me story about having a bad day, and I was sitting in my car getting ready to go in the house and one of the songs came on...and I got all squealy and happy. I won a gift certificate for Ramblas Tapas bar, and tickets to a concert.
    Only I had to turn down the tickets, because I was going to be AT THE STUPID RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Thus, the only time I ever won anything cool was ruined.
    But Webster was really nice to me on the phone, and he even said he was sorry I'd had such a bad day.

    That is my random story.

  2. He always seemed like a really nice guy. I guess he got laid off from Alice and replaced with someone younger. I'm glad he moved over the KFOG.


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