Thursday, July 10, 2008


Soon, very soon, I will post the link to my novel online. And I expect you all to read it, bitches! It’s the best novel ever written, in spite of any moments of doubt I may have experienced.


I need to join Publisher’s Marketplace so I can search for an agent. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the $20 a month. I will do it today.


In yesterday’s game between the Twins and the Red Sox, four World Series MVP’s played: Livan Hernandez (1997), Josh Beckett (2003), Manny Ramirez (2004) and Mike Lowell (2007). Three of them were playing for the Red Sox. That’s a good team.

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In 1789, the governor of Australia granted land and some animals to James Ruse in an experiment to see how long it would take him to support himself. Within 15 months he had become self sufficient. The area is still known as Experiment Farm. This is my Experiment Farm to see how long it will take me to support myself by writing.