Wednesday, July 16, 2008


If by some miracle the Cubs make it to the World Series this year (knock on wood), but drop the first two games on the road and go on to lose because the @#$@! All-Star Game gave the AL home field advantage, I am done with baseball. That’ll be just too heartbreaking.


There, now I’ve said it. Nothing but positive thoughts, positive thoughts the rest of the season. Visualize winning.


I had some problems with some off milk last week. I don’t know if the experience has left me particularly sensitive to spoiled milk, but I took one spoonful of my cereal this morning and had to spit it out. My milk had gone bad 3 DAYS before its sell-by date. I turned my fridge up. Maybe it’s not cold enough.


I recently got a pair of glasses that correct for my slight astigmatism. I've never had it corrected before. I don't wear them that often because I feel like they strain my eyes. Just now I was wearing my old glasses standing in the elevator bay, and suddenly I could see how all the straight lines were curved and bowed out by my astigmatism. I instantly wanted to vomit.

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