Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The answer isn’t to make electric/hybrid cars louder. The answer is to re-train ourselves that not all cars make the same kinds of noise anymore. Yes, that’s a challenge for the blind, but let’s not look backwards for a solution. Let’s not force the new world into the rubric of the old. Let’s look forward for a new solution.

Hybrid Cars Pose Risk to the Blind, Visually Impaired


Here’s another thing I missed while I was home this weekend, and it was just blocks from my house:

SF Zine Fest


Don’t get me wrong. I had a fabulous time this weekend at home. I’ll write about it more soon, probably on Our Intrepid Hero, but it did seem like everything was happening last weekend: birthday parties, trips down rivers, Burning Pirate, Batman opening, Jaws at the Castro… I could go on and on.


I turned the radio broadcast of the Cubs game on last night in the 6th inning and the first play I heard was Romero’s home run to break up Harden’s no hitter. D’oh. Harden’s pitched two brilliant games and not gotten a decision in either. We need to start hitting.


Hot to get a free haircut in San Francisco:

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