Monday, July 28, 2008


As frequent readers know, I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman, even though at this point, in terms of sheer word total, I’ve probably read more of his blog than his novels. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from his post yesterday that I found particularly amusing:

(I just called my Visa card to fix something, and found myself being asked if I was the Neil Gaiman. I said yes, I was. "So," said the Visa person, "Are you going to be writing an episode of Dr Who?")

He is. And he’ll be writing a Batman comic.


The Cubs play four games against the Brewers in Milwaukee starting tonight. This could easily make or break the season. Sure, even if they’re swept they’d only be 3 games back, but the toll on moral would be huge.


Did you know that people who write down their goals, even if they never go back and read them, are far more likely to achieve them? I forget where I heard that, but I can’t find a link to any credible source to support it. Sounds cool though.

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