Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I would like everyone at ESPN to know that whenever one of their pompously self important and completely irrelevant “Titletown” segments comes on, I change the channel.

I’m not sure when it happened, maybe when Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne stopped being the lead anchors, or maybe even after Keith Olbermann left, but at some point Sportscenter developed a humongous ego. Those guys were fun to watch because they didn’t take themselves too seriously. They made fun of themselves. They had perspective.

Now Sportscenter has fallen victim to Olympic TV Coverage Syndrome (or MTV Syndrome): it’s gotten so full of special segments that the original point of the show, highlights from the day in sports, feels like an afterthought. Not to mention they spend an inordinate amount of time telling you what you will see later in the show and recapping what you’ve already seen in the show. With so little time leftover, they cut the highlight segments so tightly that the announcers can’t keep up. Half the time they’re talking about the highlight you just saw leaving you no context for what you’re seeing.

It’s just not that fun anymore.

I blame Chris Berman.

It’s enough to make me miss Craig Kilborne.

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