Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Japanaventurs 4: English

The Japanese do some very interesting things with the English language. They’re all required to take English for a few years in school as youngsters, but just enough of that sticks to be dangerous. T-shirts and stores often have rather nonsensical strings of words that can be highly amusing. My favorite, I did not get a picture of, but it was a T-Shirt that said "Jesus Love Ice Cream. Jesus Hate Chocolate". Here are some other examples:

36 Kinds of American Muffin at Mrs. Elizabeth Muffin

Blender of Tinkerbell

Rough Nuff Respect You!! Bigup Yourself!!

Do not be Playful Around the Handrail

Old England: Paris

Ghetto: Happy Dining

Natural Control: Jesus Loves Me


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