Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Japanese Baseball

Today is our first full day in Japan. I don’t know what we’re going to do, except probably have dinner with Diana’s family and maybe explore Tokyo or Yokohama. I really wanted to go to a baseball game while I was here, but the only home game for any team in the area was the Yokohama Bay Stars game last night. Not only did we decide we probably couldn’t make it to the stadium in time from the airport, but we would be too jet lagged to enjoy the game.

(Just FYI, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s posts do not contain video clips. I’m not so lazy that I just found video clips to post all week.)

Based on the uniforms and the mascot, this clip is from a Bay Stars game. It combines two of my favorite things in the world. One of them is baseball.

This is a funny play from a Japanese baseball game. You really don’t need to watch the whole clip though, unless you speak Japanese and know what the commentators are talking about:

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