Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MFA Writing Search Shorts

I don’t care how up-and-coming your MFA Writing program maybe, if you haven’t updated your website in 2 years, I’m not applying. (AHEM UC Riverside AHEM) Isn’t it interesting that applications will be available in October 2006 for fall 2007 admission.


I’m also not inclined to apply if your website is confusing and doesn’t present to me quickly and easily the information I will need to apply to your institution. Though, I might get over it, if I have time. (COUGH SFSU COUGH)


And please, tell me how many years you expect me to attend your university. I haven’t been in college for over 10 years. Semester hours mean nothing to me.


Hey, Columbia in Chicago: why do you want an expository writing sample? I want a degree in creative writing. Exactly what would be teaching me?

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