Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NBC Sucks Shorts

Because I'm not done venting...


Due to NBC idiotic west coast tape delay, we half watched the day-old synchronized diving last night and then turned off the coverage. Way to go guys.


I'm sure their ratings will be great and their advertisers will make money, but how much better would their ratings have been had the west coast coverage been live? How many young girls would have watched the women's gymnastics live with rapt attention who couldn't because they had to go to bed before the tape delay aired? That makes good business sense.


Shouldn't there be an FCC regulation against claiming a televised event is live when it is in fact tape delayed? Briefly flashing a graphic indicating it was live on the East Coast twice an hour shouldn't be enough. I bet millions of west coast viewers don't even know what their watching isn't live. Diana's room-mate didn't. That's just wrong.

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