Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NBC Sucks

Wait, whaaaat...? Upon arriving back from Japan I was fully prepared to write a scathing blog post about how much the NBC Olympic Coverage sucks compared to Japan's, or at least to compare the two and point out how much more enjoyable Japan's was if limited in scope (they really only show sports that Japan is competitive in, which isn't that different from NBC's coverage except that Japan isn't competitive in as many sports as the US), instead I get back to find out that NBC's "live" coverage isn't actually live on the west coast.


Why exactly am I watching tape delayed synchronized diving when the Women's Team Gymnastic's final is happening live right now? And being watched live on the East Coast? They'll show it live at midnight out east, but not live in prime time on the West Coast? We have to stay up into the middle of the night to watch it too... tape-delayed "live"? I'm sorry, that's bull-shit.

And stupid!!!

Why did they bother to strong arm the IOC into rescheduling events so they could broadcast them live... in 2 time zones??!!??

Maybe it's just the jet lag, but that's just the dumbest most frustrating thing ever and I will do everything in my power tomorrow to figure out how to stream live coverage from another country. Fuck NBC.

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  1. I agree, it's ridiculous.

    Welcome home, by the way.


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