Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway 5, Episodes 4 & 5: Double Trouble

Instead of watching the Olympics last night, I watched Project Runway, both last week’s episode I missed while in Japan and the new episode. I will write briefly my thoughts on both.

How is Daniel still on the show? He needs to be the next one off. After completely tanking the Olympic challenge, he openly admitted he really wasn’t trying during the Brooke Sheilds challenge because he was working on Kelli’s design not his own. He should have been gone instead of Kelli. His execution is bad. His design is bad. His attitude is bad.

I loved the idea of the Olympic challenge (designing an outfit for athletes to wear during the opening ceremonies), but why exactly was Apolo Ohno, a male winter Olympian, judging outfits theoretically meant to be worn by female summer Olympians? Too bad Bravo couldn’t swing it so that the winner’s design was actually worn by the athletes in Beijing. That honor went to some guy named Ralph Lauren.

Keith & Kenley and Jerrel & Stella succeeded in the Brooke Shields challenge because they worked together and built on each other’s strengths. Kelli & Daniel and Blayne & Leanne failed because the assistants (Daniel and Leanne) took a backseat to the lead designer and didn’t speak their mind or simply didn’t care about the design. Korto & Joe almost fell into that same trap, but Tim drew Joe out.

I failed to see anything surreal about any of Jennifer’s designs. How she managed to make an outfit for the Olympic team without any patriotic colors, I have no idea. It was her turn to go.

I’ll admit I suddenly like Blayne a little more now after he accepted responsibility for his design and said if someone from his team had to go, it should be him. He may be crazy, but he has integrity.

Here are links to the winning and losing designs:
Olympic Challenge Winner
Olympic Challenge Loser
Brooke Sheilds Challenge Winner
Brooke Sheilds Challenge Loser

And just for fun, Daniel's Olympic Challenge disaster, er, I mean dress.

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