Friday, August 1, 2008


Gardening at Night is suddenly the most awesome song ever for some reason. Just heard it on KFOG’s 10-at-10. Here’s a live version from 1983 (It’s just a static picture of the band from that time with the sound.)


I went to Downtown Flame for a breakfast sandwich this morning. Somehow Downtown Flame is not a gay bar, instead it’s a middle-eastern hamburger joint. They got my order wrong and the bacon was turkey bacon, which I guess I should have seen coming, but still. Even as I ate it grumbling about it being wrong, I couldn’t help but think “wow, this is good.” Still, I’ll probably just go next door to Lee’s next time.


Remember that Cubs/Brewers series I mentioned? Well the Cubs won all 4 games! Wow, crazy.


Don’t tell my sister, but I actually like Carlos Zambrano. He’s good and he’s passionate. If he were on another team, I’d probably hate him though.

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