Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ok, this seriously cheered me up:


I’ve added a link on the right there to my sister’s blog, which is actually way more popular than mine, largely because she’s on Wordpress which drives a lot of traffic to her site, unlike Blogger. I’m on Blogger because I could customize it the way I wanted to without having to pay anything. I’m cheap like that.


If you needed another reason to dislike NBC’s dishonest coverage of the Olympics, they somehow managed to show the Greco-Roman Wrestling competition without mentioning (let alone showing) any of the high profile upsets that occurred in earlier rounds or Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian’s attempted attack on the judges after his controversial loss or his temper tantrum during the medal ceremony. That’s comprehensive coverage for you.

Wrestler Throws Medal, MSNBC Doesn’t Care
Angry Swede Throws Down Medal, Quits


Somewhere along the line, Olympic coverage changed from televising and reporting on a sporting event to a reality based mini-series heavily edited and crafted for entertainment value that has little or no resemblance to the actual event.


The Chinese Government’s own news agency website had an article stating gymnast He Kexin’s age as 13 as of last November. The article, discovered and saved by the A.P. this morning has since been taken down. (link)


I finally saw the graphic NBC adds twice an hour to the west coast broadcast to indicate that it’s tape delayed. At 10:00 Pacific Time last night a tiny little wisp of a graphic appeared in white lettering in such a small font I could barely read it on my 27” television that said simply “10:00 ET”. Yeah, that’s clear and obvious.

Tape delaying the west coast broadcast wouldn’t anger me so much if NBC weren’t so blatantly trying to hide the fact and deceive the west coast audience into thinking their coverage is live.

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