Monday, August 18, 2008


I posted to Our Intrepid Hero on Friday about my trip to Japan. I have not posted to my improv blog in a while, but I also took the last two weeks off from the show.


I guess a lot of people blog search “French Martini” because, after my home page, that’s the most visited post on my blog in the last month. Here’s the top four:

French Martini – Liberated from my laptop at last

This Post is About EARWIGS or God Doesn't Want Me Eating Peaches
Project Runway 5, Episode 1: Where's My Everyman?
The Dark Knight


The baby of a former business associate keeps calling my cellphone. A common hazard of having a name that starts with "a" is that you are frequently the first contact in someone's address book, leading to lots of accidental call, but it's really fun to hear a baby on the other end.


My internet at home seems to have vanished, meaning my pictures from Japan cannot as yet be liberated to the internet. Boo.

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