Monday, September 29, 2008

The Deadworks: Coming Soon

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Tick… tick… tick… go the Deadworks.

Apple rolls over and looks at the man lying next to her. She smiles. She likes being held by Nick. She wants this to last forever, but soon her smile fades and a sadness creeps into her throat. Apple closes her eyes and tries to sleep.

Tick… tick… tick…

Wilton keeps creeping into Sunday’s thoughts at the oddest times, more so than usual. She stands there naked in the studio, waiting for the photographer to adjust the light. Killing time, Sunday composes her shopping list, trying to puzzle out what type of fish Wilton prefers for his sushi.

Tick… tick…

Nick pulls Apple close to him, allowing the whole length of her young body to come alongside his. He kisses her shoulder and falls back to sleep.


Wilton picks up a bag of parmesan goldfish crackers and throws them into his cart. He likes having them around for Apple. He wonders how Sunday’s photo shoot is going, and lets the pleasing image of her nude body linger in his mind.


At the Deadworks, two people sitting in adjacent cubicles--four-sided cubicles that completely seal them in--suddenly become more alert at the sound of the buzz.

“We’ve got a 21 niner at P12.40, Delvin.”

“I can see that, Robi. How are the settings?”

Robi clicks through a few screens on her computer, carefully analyzing the numbers
and words. “They’ll hold.”

“I’m taking lunch first.”

“Don’t dawdle, Delvin.”

He turns his head to look at the short wall that separates them. “I won’t. The mark won’t die without me.”

Delvin takes off his headset and steps up from his desk. Robi peeks her head over the wall and eyes him.

“You going to Walter’s?” she asks.


“If you do, get me something.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something.”


Delvin looks across the never-ending sea of cubicles for McCarthy, who usually takes his lunch at the same time, but sees no one else standing. A small black circle appears next to his chair. Delvin steps into it and disappears through the floor.

Coming to an internet near you October 1, 2008:

The Deadworks
a novel by Alan Goy

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