Monday, September 15, 2008

Is John McCain Dying?

At dinner last night a friend of mine and I were joking about somehow starting the internet rumor that John McCain is dying. Then he sent me the link to the YouTube video below! It’s true! Well, yes and no. I mean we’re all dying, but the video’s from an internet petition available here that’s collecting signatures from doctors demanding McCain release all of his medical records.

He let reporters look at all 1,173 pages of his medical history for 3 hours earlier in the year, but they couldn’t make any copies and couldn’t be doctors themselves. Why the secrecy? Is it to hide the fact that he’s really a Cylon?

The truth is that people his age, with the skin cancer he had, considering the timing of the last time he had it, don’t have a good survival rate over the next 5 years. Can you say "President Sarah Palin"?

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