Friday, September 5, 2008

Late Friday Shorts

The Cubs are on pace to lose their 5th in a row tonight. That's just great. They have a brutal schedule the rest of the way. Here's hoping they can hold it together.


Carlos Zambrano might be injured and have a temper, but at least he’s not as stupid as this guy with the White Sox. Leading the league in home runs, with the Sox in a heated race with Minnesota to make the playoffs, he slams his hand on his bat in frustration after fouling off a pitch and breaks his wrist. He’s probably done for the season.


Flash keeps working inconsistently from site to site, sometimes even within the same site. Could the corporate web filters be that smart? I doubt it. The IT guy thought so, but he was in India and had no real working knowledge of our web filters.

Blogger Videos play.
Clips from the Daily show will play if embedded in a blog, but not directly from the Daily Show website.
YouTube Videos don’t play embedded but they start to play. From the site, they sometimes play.
Flash half works on the and Project Runway websites.


I think if I put the time and energy I’m putting into looking for grad schools into selling the book or getting a short story or article published, I’d be better off.

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