Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Late Night Shorts

The hardest part about being on a news blackout is sticking to it. When I walk by a TV I want to glance at it. When I open a web browser and Yahoo! comes up, I want to scan the headlines. But when I do, I just regret it. I just see an article about McCain picking up support from women voters and start to have nightmares about election day. I want to know if the Cubs won, but do I really?


In keeping with my moldy fruit theme (#1, #2), I bought blackberries to have on my cereal, but when I opened up the carton yesterday morning to have some, I found one that was not just moldy, but that had been consumed by mold. It was just a white fuzzy puff ball with a couple dark specs here and there to suggest that it was, indeed, once a blackberry. I had to throw many of them away, but I cleaned and salvaged what I could.


Auditions ate my brain. I'm looking forward to the improv auditions next week. They're more fun than watching monologues.


For no apparent reason other than I loved this show as a kid:

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