Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Political Shorts

I haven’t been following the story that closely, but I kind of feel a little sorry for Palin. Feels a little bit like she’s been thrown to the wolves.


As much as I like Obama, I also really like Hilary. That part of me imagines how much fun the election would be right now if she were the nominee and is a little sad.


Even though I predicted a long time ago whoever got the nomination, Hilary or Obama, they would have to pick an old white man as their VP, I’m still a little disappointed Obama picked an old white man.


If by some mishap the Republicans manage to win back the White House, it will have been by nominating the closest thing to a Democrat their party membership possesses. Or didn’t you know McCain almost switched parties 8 years ago?


But John McCain's not a Democrat. He's a Cylon!

Visit the Tigh/Roslin Campaign site.
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