Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Runway 5, Episode 10: Say it Ain't So Joe

Well, Joe’s gone finally, but don’t go shedding too many tears over his departure. He did show at Bryant Park thanks to the quirks of the broadcasting schedule. If you want to see his collection, you can go here.

For someone whose construction skills were lacking and who generally seemed over his head the entire time, his final collection isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I actually kind of like it. He was the closest thing the show had to an underdog everyman, so I’m glad he got to show at Bryant Park in the end.

Leanne surprised me by ending up in the bottom three on the last challenge. I think she suffered from getting paired with a mother/daughter couple that just didn’t jive with her design style. (The challenge was to design an outfit for a recent college grad, but they had to work with the young lady and her mother.)

Kenley lucked out by getting paired with a mother/daughter pair that was willing to let her do whatever she wanted and then profess to love it. She, however, has got to go. Yes, she’s being edited to look like a she-bitch-villain from hell, but she crossed a line in the last episode by talking bad about Tim Gunn. You just don’t do that.

Not to mention the fact that after talking smack about Tim, she actually made the change to the dress that he suggested that she was snidely dismissing. (Thanks to Project Rungay for illuminating me to that fact in a hilarious post about Kenley.)

Looking at the previous of this week’s episode, Kenley appears to get a smack down of her own from the judges. It’s hard to tell, though, from the editing if I can really get my hopes up of seeing Kenley finally get hers. I’m worried that they’ll leave her on the show all the way up to the final three just because she’s become the person everyone loves to hate. Just like Wendy Pepper in season 1.

Oh, please don’t do that Project Runway. Kick her immature annoying ass off the show this week.

Jerell won the challenge, by the way, by completely transforming her girl with stunning results. (Click the designers names to see their design from last week’s challenge. Just realize the picture of Jerell's dress doesn't do it justice.)

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