Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway 5, Episode 8: Patterns

The pattern held in last night’s Project Runway: whoever just missed being eliminated the week before gets eliminated this week. Joe really should have been gone this week (Joe's outfit), but they needed to get rid of Stella (Stella's outfit) who should have been gone last week when they were getting rid of Keith who would have been gone the week before had they not had to get rid of Daniel… anyway. They’re a week behind.

Joe will be gone next week.

It’s clear the other designers don’t really like Terri, but they do have a point. She does the same outfit every week. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst either allowing her to skate along under the radar. That can’t last forever though. Eventually there will be few enough of them left that they’ll all stay on the runway for critiquing from the judges. She’ll never make the final 3 if she can’t show them she has more looks.

I think the final three will come from the following 4:
Leanne, Terri, Korto, Jerell.

Kenley could still squeak in there.

Fortunately Stella seemed completely over the show and ready to go. She’s the kind of designer that doesn’t need to show at Bryant Park to be successful. She’ll keep designing for rock stars and do well for herself.

Oh, and Leanne won, by the way.

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