Friday, September 12, 2008

Project Runway: The Bryan Park show was last night.

So even in the midst of my news blackout, news filters through to me. I happened to notice that it’s New York Fashion week already, and last night was Project Runway's Bryant Park show. Yet they've only narrowed down to 6 contestants. Well, they’ve only aired the episodes that far anyway. They shot all the episodes except the last couple several months ago, giving the 3 finalists who show at Bryant park time to create their collection for the show. Unfortunately, if only the 3 finalists showed last night at Bryant park, everyone would who the finalists were making the next three episodes rather pointless to watch.

In seasons past, they’ve gotten as far as 4 remaining contestants by fashion week and just had all 4 show. Then we only see the 3 finalists collections on the air.

So did all 6 remaining contestants show at Bryant Park last night?


Leanne, Korto, Jerell, Joe, Kenley, and Suede all showed their collections. So as you watch the show the next few weeks and hear people talking about how much they don’t want to get eliminated so they can show at Bryant Park, know that it’s all bullshit. They’re showing anyway. We just won’t see their line on the air.

As it would be easy for the producers to avoid this problem, by adjusting the airing schedule, one has to assume that either: Bravo screwed them on purpose by pushing back their airdates as an FU before the show leaves for Lifetime; or the fashion industry wanted to see the lines of the top 6 designers from the show.

The article wherein I got this information (linked to above and here) is actually about J-Lo having to cancel as the celebrity judge at the last minute due to a foot injury. That means Tim Gun was a judge for the first time! Woohoo! (Or read this from the Bravo site.) (Or read the BravoTV Twitter feed with comments posted during the Bryant Park show by various people.)

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