Tuesday, September 16, 2008


For some reason the traffic to my improv blog is skyrocketing lately, but it’s all coming from Google Image referrals. I must have some pictures up there that are suddenly popular, but I can’t tell where people are really going. That blog’s archive is funky, so I can’t tell exactly which post people are going to. All I know is that my April 2008 archive page is hot (maybe the Marilyn Monroe picture?), my May 2007 (people with finger puppets during GPM last year?), and my November 2007 (I have no idea).


My sisters are going to the Cubs game on Friday and had an extra ticket. If I could have found a reasonably priced airfare, I would have flown out for the game. (Depending on how the week goes, the Cubs could clinch the division that day. Knock on wood.) But I couldn’t. My dad is going instead, which is cool. I don’t think he’s been to a game at Wrigley in even longer than I have.


I bought a new computer today! I should get it by the end of the month. The old one, which ran on scarab beetles with a papyrus scroll monitor, just wasn’t hacking it anymore. The ritual sacrifices to Rah in order to connect to wifi were getting difficult to clean up and always made a visit to the internet café awkward.

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