Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway 5, Episode 12: Anticlimactic and Stupid

I had a professor in college who said you could end any argument by saying "that's stupid." He didn't mean you'd win the argument, mind you, but there's really no way to counter someone saying "that's stupid." If that's your opinion there's not much you can do about it.

Well last night's episode of Project Runway was just stupid.

The whole episode was a tense build up to a close runway show. Everyone's holding their breath hoping, praying that Kenley finally gets her ass booted off the show, but nervous based on the judge's reactions that any of them could be eliminated.

And then...

Not only do they not eliminate anyone, but rather than let them all compete at Fashion Week, when we know they all show at Fashion Week, they announce that somehow in the middle of the last episode they're going to eliminate one of them. And it could be any of them. WTF? I have to go through all that anxiety again?! And that entire episode I just sat through and agonized over was completely pointless?!

It's not like Season 3, when we liked everyone and wanted all four of them to show at fashion week. It's not like Season 4 when it came down to Rami and Chris for the final spot when we all new Rami would get it. (The whole thing seemed contrived to honor the fact that everyone loved Chris even though we knew he wasn't in the same league as the other three and to force Rami outside of his comfort zone.)

No, this is just stupid. It completely invalidated the entire episode and was strictly a way to milk more out of the fact that everyone hates Kenley. Everyone that is, except Heidi, who for some reason likes her designs.

They better get their shit together for next season, whatever channel it airs on.

Because this was stupid.

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