Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway 5, Episode 14: The Best Woman Won!

Leanne won! This is probably the first time the person I really wanted to win actually won, and it seemed fairly obvious the whole time that she would. Her collection really was head and shoulders above the other two.

If you paid close attention to the runway show, you’ll have notice that Kenley’s collection didn’t really generate any spontaneous applause from the audience. She’s such an interesting personality type. Any criticism she gets, she has to immediately reject. Then later, if she realizes it was good criticism, she has to find away to make it her idea to make those changes. I wonder if she’s really that ignorant of other designer’s work, or on what level she’s aware of ripping them off. She could easily be fully aware and lying, but it could also be more subconscious. Either way, she did reveal a moment of self awareness when Tim was announced as the guest judge when she said “Maybe I should have adjusted my attitude.”

Korto’s collection could have won in other years. I found it to be a little disjointed in terms of its color palette, but the judges seemed to think it was cohesive. Her simpler designs worked best, and those all got applause from the crowd. When she is able to edit herself and resist the urge to overwork things, she really excels.

Leanne's collection didn’t get as many applause breaks as Korto, but she got the largest applause at the end. I don’t claim to be an expert in fashion, but Leanne’s collection looked like something I would have expected to see form a big-name established designer. It just looked pro.

And she’s so adorable and funny and likable. Finally, the best woman won.


    Um, so anyway yay on L. And I so called it. and um stuff. and things. I liked what rungay had to say about the diff between Leane's and Korto's collections- to imagine them without all the color.

    but then, honestly, I woudl wear Korto's clothes in a heartbeat. I feel like she is designing with a more realistic woman in mind.

  2. You totally called it. I'm glad I was wrong.


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