Friday, October 3, 2008

The Random and Sad Interwebs

I get google alert emails everytime "un-scripted" pops up on the web, that way I can track who might be out there writing about The Un-Scripted Theater Company. I get a lot of random links though from it as "un-scripted" misspelled with a hyphen has come more and more into regular usage. There's a woman who has it spelled that way in the title of her blog, so I get links to it almost everytime she posts. Occasionally I read them as they are sometimes interesting. She's young and studying in Spain right now. It's a very... sex positive blog, but I tend not to read those posts. They're not overly graphic or erotic or anything, I just don't really need to know the details of this complete stranger's sex life. I mention all that just to explain why I'm not linking to this person's blog from this post.

The point is, yesterday she posted a very heartfelt sorrowful note about finding out her cousin had been murdered in New Orleans. Then I saw this on the front page of the SFGate website this morning: S.F. activist slain in New Orleans robbery. It's the same girl, the blogger's cousin, and a very sad story, and a very small interweb world.

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