Monday, October 27, 2008

Shorts of the fun Link variety

Ok, I got all of these from Boing Boing. I always find a lot of interesting stuff on that blog, once I wade through all the crap.


Apparently Germany’s traffic camera’s must record the plate number and an image of the driver in order to issue a ticket against the offender. Someone with a UK drive car has been having fun with them by placing a puppet in its passenger seat (what would be the driver’s seat in your average German car.) Boing Boing Link


Wow, this will undoubtedly eat up a lot of my time eventually. It’s a tool that searches Creative Commons images on Flickr by color pallet. It’s amazing and great for testing different color combinations. Boing Boing Link. Link to the Tool.


Smithsonian Air& Space Museum has posted its Top 50 NASA images of all time. Boing Boing Link.

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