Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Un-Scripted Shorts

Un-Scripted now has a general Show Blog where the entire cast of a show is invited to contribute. Check it out here.


As I mentioned, I'm in rehearsals for a live improvised musical with puppets (The Great Puppet Bollywood Extravaganza!). You can read more about my experiences during the rehearsal process here. Or, if you'd like to read about the show I did last year, The Great Pupppet Musical, go here.


The photo above is of audience members at last year's Great Puppet Musical making their own puppets before the show. If you look closely, and know who you're looking for, you'll see Molly who would later that year be in Let It Snow. (She's second from the right.) I didn't know her yet when this picture was taken. I had no idea she'd even come to see GPM. Molly, if you're reading this, come back and do more shows with us! Screw "Up With People". We need you.

(If you look even closer, the guy on the far right looks like he's flicking off the camera with his puppet.)

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