Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diablo Cody went to my high school!

So when I was home a few weekends ago, my mom gave me my high school's alumni magazine and I discovered that Diablo Cody is an alumna! I'm not sure why I find this so cool, but I do. I mean, I already think it's cool that I know someone who knows her, but now...

You'll notice the blurb makes no reference to her past life as a stripper.

She would have been freshman the year after I graduated, so I wouldn't have known her. Although I did go back to see some of my high school's plays. Maybe we were in the same audience. In any case, the school would have been essentially the same when she was there and we certain new some of the same students and had some of the same teachers.

I just think it's cool. I mean, if I ever meet her I'm not going to be like "So, where was your locker? Did you take Mr. White's creative writing class? I didn't." But still. I could. I wonder if she liked it there. I mean, I hold nothing against Benet. It was what it was: a conservative Catholic prep school. You know, the kind of place that produces an ex-stripper who wrote an Oscar winning movie about teen-pregnancy

(PS: I wish her blog wasn't on Myspace. I can't subscribe to it in a reader and I can't go to Myspace at work. So I never read it.)

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