Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Shorts

Looking to waste a little time? Check out the results by county. You can either go to the NY Times map and zoom in on states or look at the Washington Post national map by county. Either way look at the random counties in red states that Obama won, and vice versa. I found it fascinating.


Someone around the office just made a good point: It should be illegal to take donations from out of the state for proposition campaigning. People in Texas and Utah shouldn’t have any say in California’s constitution.


I still think California’s direct democracy is a horrible idea. Why are we paying our public servants if we have to vote on all this stuff? People argue that it’s an important check on our elected officials… Um… The way to “check” our elected officials is to vote them out of office.


Some of my fellow bloggers reactions:

Tim (It's really a great picture.)
Clay again


Chicago Tribune Photo Gallery of newspaper front pages.

Obama's victory gives Chicago a leg up on landing the 2016 Olympics
(Let's hope Chicago gets it and he's still president to attend.)


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