Friday, November 7, 2008


I posted about my adventures eating my first Persimmon on Our Intrepid Hero. Here's an excerpt:

Now, our hero had certainly encountered the concept of persimmons before. I mean, after all, who could forget how he used a persimmon to save the world in his great How Our Hero Used a Persimmon to Save the World Adventure? And yet, somehow, our hero had never actually eaten one in its original fresh-from-the-tree form. Somewhere along the way, our hero had developed a predisposition to think that persimmon’s tasted bad. Perhaps it was a residual effect of that crazy time when Dr. Devastator was controlling his brain through chocolate pudding, or maybe he had simply been misinformed, but our hero had never been eager to eat one.


I posted about improvising solo songs on Chicken Sandwich (my improv blog).


And, as we had two rehearsals this week, I also posted about improvising opening numbers on Chicken Sandwich.


Finally, as I have spent so much time updating the aforementioned blogs, I have not made any progress on my Halloween story. I hope you all are as interested in reading the rest of it as I am in writing it.

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