Thursday, November 13, 2008


I posted to my improv blog last night.


Half Serious Question of the Day:
Do I bother paying off my credit card debt or do I just wait for the consumer credit industry to collapse next year on the assumption that it'll get forgiven or restructured?


In response to my Diablo Cody post earlier, Tim sent me this in a message:

You should be able to create your own RSS feed of Diablo's blog at this address.

I did it, and it sent a feed to my google reader. However, only the latest post showed up, so I guess you'd have to check it every day.

For some reason he is unable to leave comments. Anyone else have that problem?


  1. Diablo's MySpace blog feeds into my Google reader just fine, using this address:

  2. P.S. It's only a partial feed (only the first few sentences, but you will be notified when she posts something new).


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