Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Left My Heart in Paw Paw

Next Monday I will be heading off to the Midwest to visit my parents, who have taken up residence in the town of Lawton in Southwestern Michigan. Lawton shares a highway exit with the city of Paw Paw, where a human-sized heart was found on Monday at Soapy's Car Wash in one of the manual wash bays.

Police are still trying to figure out if it's a human heart or an animal heart. Strangely, the owner said "he has had animal parts and hair left in the wash bays in the past", but never a heart. Whaaaa?

On second thought, I suppose it would make sense as a hunter to use a manual car wash to clean your kills, but still... that's more than a little odd.

Of course, Paw Paw is inherently odd in some regards. Michigan has both a Paw Paw Lake and a city of Paw Paw, but they really aren't anywhere near each other. In fact, they're about 25 miles apart. The city of Paw Paw sits on Maple Lake. The city of Waterviliet sits on Paw Paw Lake. Why? I don't know. Probably the same reason Michigan City is in Indiana.

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