Monday, December 15, 2008

It's frickin Cold

(NYC in the 1910's, from the Flickr Commons)

Yes, yes, I know. It's not below zero or even below freezing here, but it will be in the high 30's and low 40's tonight here in the Bay Area. Now before you go getting all self righteous about that not being cold compared to Iowa or Maine, keep in mind that NOTHING IN THE BAY AREA IS WELL INSULATED and generally has crappy heat that every time you turn on you risk setting fire to your home or asphyxiating yourself.

So, yes, while you could die if you went outside without a coat on much quicker than I could, you're sitting in a nicely heated 75 degree room and sleeping in a bedroom heated to the balmy lower 60's. Whereas when I got home from work today it was 55 degrees IN MY BEDROOM, and it will only get colder from there.

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  1. Umm ... WHOSE house is heated to 75 degrees? Mine if 65 is I'm feeling spendy ... usually more like 60. And it goes down to 53 at night; 49 when we had no power for a day and I had to boil water in the fireplace for coffee.

    But I hear you on the lack of reasonable insulation in California. Even a beach house in Maine has reasonable accoutrements like double-paned windows and no gaps under the front door! My first place in Oakland had a 3/4" gap under the front door. Cold air came wooshing in, unstoppable.


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