Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Preview Reviews

Some previews I saw before Quantum of Solace (full review to follow soon). In spite of my YouTube problems I've embedded the preview where I can. Otherwise click on the film title to go to the preview.

Yes Man: Looked surprisingly good. I’m not a huge Jim Carrey fan, but I liked Liar Liar and this looked in a similar vein. Terence Stamp is in it too, and I like him.


Looked surprisingly good, at first. After all it’s also got Terence Stamp plus Kenneth Branagh & Eddie Izzard, and it’s directed by Bryan Singer of the X-Men films. Then Tom Cruise shows up on screen and the whole thing starts to fall apart. Then you remember the attempt to kill Hitler failed, and suddenly the movie seems to have no purpose.

The Spirit: I am not the target audience for this movie. Unless you’re a teenaged boy in the throws of puberty, a nerd with no first-hand contact with women, or similarly sexually frustrated, you’re not the target audience either. My chief complaint with Frank Miller is that if you’re going to make it look exactly like the graphic novel then… what’s the point? Just go home and read the graphic novel.

Seven Pounds: You’ve seen one Will Smith movie, you’ve seen them all. He’ll run. He’ll yell. He’ll cry. Ok, I stole that line from a friend of a friend, but it’s true and he does all three in the preview.


  1. As a Miller fan, I grumble at you. *I* like his comics. *I* think he is keen. I have no male genatalia, and I am no a virgin, and I am not sex starved, and I am not in the midst of sprouting hair in weird places and having my voice change. So there.

    Also, my friend is in Valkyrie, for all of like 10 second, but in those ten seconds, he walks in front of the Cruise. His name is Kurt Reichardt, which is pretty much perfect for a movie like this.

  2. Ok, point granted. I still don't understand the appeal of Frank Miller films. I was mostly done with them about 10 minutes into Sin City. I sort of enjoyed 300, but he didn't direct that one.

    And that is the perfect name for someone in that movie!


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